Being an Au Pair in Ireland has many benefits, you will be able to discover its exciting culture, enjoy great landscapes and of course learn English. Thanks to its humid climate characterised by mild rainfall throughout the year, you will be able to contemplate its film-like landscapes, green land, as well as hundreds of castles and ramparts. On this island of just over 5 million inhabitants you can taste typical dishes such as Irish stew or Coddle; and also get to know the most original and typical pubs in Europe. Irish people are characterised as honest and hard-working and are known for their friendliness. They are also very hospitable, have a great sense of fun and a wonderful sense of humour.

The character of Irish families tends to be open and welcoming, so it is very easy to fit in as a member of the family, especially if you are interested in their culture.

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PRICE: 400€

Au Pair Ireland Plus Programme

If you opt for this programme you will have direct access to English classes in an academy close to your Host Family’s home. The duration of the course will depend on the number of months you have chosen to be an Au Pair. The course includes:

Attending an academy will mainly allow you to:

We will organise it for you and advise you on registration. For more information about prices and schedules please contact us via the contact form below

Special price 450€.
(Does not include the additional cost of the English course).

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