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The Netherlands is often referred to as Holland. Actually, this name only applies to two of the twelve provinces, North Holland and South Holland, but most people use “Holland” to refer to the Netherlands. There are 17 million inhabitants.

Being an Au Pair in the Netherlands will give you the chance to learn that family life is very important in their culture. They have a very interesting history and unique and fun national holidays. Their official language is Dutch, but their level of English is very high, so learning some Dutch will enrich your experience. Also, in some cases, your Host Family will contribute to the cost of your Dutch lessons, a great way to meet new people and improve your language skills.

Traveling in the Netherlands is very easy, they have very good public transportation, you can travel the country from north to south in only 4 hours. They have a great variety of landscapes and climates, and culturally they have more than 600 museums.

Its capital, Amsterdam, is a multicultural, youthful city with a university atmosphere that offers a lot.

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(*) Program subsidized by the Government of the Netherlands

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