All I want is for time not to pass by

Au Pair in Paris

Bonjour, My name is Lucia and I am living my experience as an Au Pair in Paris, France. I arrived on the 1st of September, with a lot of nerves, without knowing a word of French, with doubts, but above all with desire and the only thing I want now is that the time doesn’t … Read more

Being an Au Pair changes your life

Au Pair Italia

Ciao! My name is Miriam and I have been an Au Pair in Italy for two months. I have lived in the north of Italy in a city very close to Milan called Saló. My experience has been very good, very good with the family and with the girls. Besides the contact with the agency … Read more

Don’t hesitate Fulfil your dream

Au Pair en Irlanda

Hello, my name is Carina. I come from Austria. I am an au pair in Ireland since June this year. It has always been my dream to travel and see another country. The decision to do this and, above all, to be separated from the family for a while was not very easy for me, … Read more

My American dream as an Au Pair in Boston

Au Pair in América

Hello, my name is Angela, I am 22 years old and I am from Granada. For me, living in the United States was always my dream, I wanted to see what life was like there, the people, the culture, the cities, … what I always saw in the movies. When I finished high school I … Read more

The best summer as an Au Pair in Tarragona

Au Pair Tarragona

Hi to all readers! My name’s Hannah. I’m 21 years old and I’m from Czechia. This summer I spent about one month in Tarragona in Spain as an Au Pair. Truly I was thinking if I should go or not. I was very sceptical at first about the agency and even about myself. My sister … Read more

My experience as an Au Pair in Belgium

Au pair in Belgium

Hello, my name is Judith, and I am going to tell you about my experience as an Au Pair in Belgium. I started in October last year and I want to stay here for at least one year in the wonderful city of Leuven. Why to be an Au Pair? Well, I decided to become … Read more

Being an Au Pair: it has changed my life

Au Pair in Milan

My name is Natalia Cremades, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Valencia. Now I am living the Au Pair experience in Milan, Italy.   My experience as an Au Pair started this summer; I had been wanting to live an experience of travelling, learning a new language, getting out of my comfort zone and … Read more