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Being an Au Pair changes your life


My name is Miriam and I have been an Au Pair in Italy for two months. I have lived in the north of Italy in a city very close to Milan called Saló.

My experience has been very good, very good with the family and with the girls. Besides the contact with the agency KIDOWE, they have always been there to support me.

I had the opportunity to travel on weekends all over Lombardy: Saló, Desenzano del Garda, Milano, Verona and even Venice.

The experience has been a dream, but despite feeling at home, the reality is different. My home is almost 2,000 km away from here and homesickness and other personal problems have made my experience only last 2 months. It has been short, but intense.

I will always carry this experience with me, as it has made me mature and grow as a person. It may not have lasted as long as I had hoped, but one thing I have learned here is that “you have to adapt to situations”.

However it is, and however long it lasts, being an Au Pair changes your life.

Miriam – November 2022 – Milan ITALY