Don’t hesitate Fulfil your dream

Hello, my name is Carina. I come from Austria. I am an au pair in Ireland since June this year. It has always been my dream to travel and see another country.

The decision to do this and, above all, to be separated from the family for a while was not very easy for me, but through this experience I have grown and become even more independent.

I really like it here. The first days were the hardest, especially until you arrived and got to know your family and the country better. Meanwhile I am already at home here and have caught by far the best family you can get.

I have two cute girls, the big one is 3 years old and the small one is 8 months old. I have always liked the alternation between work and travel. Now it has become reality, I have already seen a lot and also my English has become a lot better than before.

I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to do that. Meanwhile I can say that, before that I always heard it from my sister but it is really an enrichment.

Go out there and dare, have the courage to fulfill your dreams, because you only have one life and if you don’t do it now, then never again.