Au Pair experience in Belgium

Hello, my name is Soraya, I am 20 years old and I live in Spain.

My adventure as an Au Pair lasted one summer, but it was one of the best of my life. Now I have a second family in Belgium, in Kapellen, about 15 minutes by train from Antwerp.

I decided to live this experience because I love travelling and children in equal parts, especially if they are babies, which, although it scares many people at first, is one of the most rewarding experiences there is.

I would like in part by telling my experience, to encourage future Au Pairs to lose the fear of supervising and helping in the care of the smallest of the house. Belgium was a country I had on my to-visit list, and when the information about the family arrived in my mailbox, little Jean had already won me over.

I have been incredibly lucky with the family, they have made me feel integrated and important from the very first moment. We have always had excellent communication, but what really makes, from my point of view, the difference are the small details, creating small traditions makes you integrate faster and the relationship is a thousand times better. Our moments revolved around making time for exercise and watching a series after dinner.

With the baby, Jean, everything went very smoothly, he adapted very well to my presence in his routines, he is a super easy child to take care of, very affectionate, tremendously smiley, super happy (although he also liked drama) and a real food lover. Moreover, seeing his evolution and all that he has learnt during my stay is, to date, one of my greatest satisfactions, because I feel part of it.

Her parents are wonderful people, very considerate and understanding. In my case, the fact that they are only a little older than me has made the connection even greater.  They have a big heart, always looking out for my happiness, my worries and making everything easier for me. In addition, both the grandparents (on both sides), as well as the child’s aunts, uncles and cousins are incredible, and I have always felt like a member of the family.

On a personal level, it has been a very pleasant experience for me.

I have loved Belgium as a country, both the places and the people. The way of life is totally different from Spain, but I have adapted very quickly.

On a personal level, it has been very enriching. A stay away from my country of origin is always, for me, a way of returning to my routines (after the experience) with immense peace of mind, reaffirming my self-confidence even more, continuing to develop the quality of being decisive, learning to live the moment to the full and fully deploy my social skills. On this occasion, I have also returned full of affection from my second family, whom I miss every day (although we still keep in touch) and whom I hope to see again very soon.

I recommend this experience 100%, it makes you improve in all aspects, acquire new skills, gain confidence and overcome shyness (if you have ever had it), among many other benefits. Besides being able to live a complete cultural immersion and create unforgettable memories with people who will leave a mark on your life forever.

Soraya – Pontevedra – October  2021

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