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Polish Au Pair in Valencia

Hello There!!!

My name is Julia, and I would love to tell you about my gorgeous experience as Summer Au Pair!

First of all Im 21 years old, and I decided to join the Au Pair programme last Summer in 2020. I come from Poland, exactly in Bielsko-Biała town.I love my homeland, but I couldn’t imagine spend whole summer in one place because I interested on travelling, so when I found an Au Pair programme, I thought that it is an amazing opportunity to go, meet new people and live in fantastic place, where? Here we are!  

The Kidowe agency found an amazing Polish-Spanish family in the city for me, where I always have been dreaming to go- Valencia in Spain!Sound good? Sounds perfect! I remember that on 26 of August, someone called me with a proposition to go there and the next day I got a flight there. Unbelievable!

One day you are doing your casual duties at home, and in others (even if you don’t expect) the world opens for yourself and you go to make your dreams come true. I lived for 1,5 months in La Eliana, like 20min by car from the heart of the Valencia city, and honestly? I regret so much that I couldn’t stay more.

I wanted to become an Au Pair, because I totally fell in love Spanish culture, and one day I wish to live there for a while. I wanted to hear that language every day, feel people’s optimism, and that healthy attitude towards life. Also take a rest from reality and casual duties in Poland, discover a gastronomy.

Second point, that I really love kids. And I took care of 13 months Elena, who was my little eye in my head, I treat her like my own little sister. I remember the best thing during a day when in the mornings after our breakfast we had a habit to go together with a trolley to walk in the near area, to show her birds or ducks. I was happy when I saw her happy and laughing, because every day she taught a lot of new things, like first words or first steps. Amazing feeling!

My family was so lovely, I really felt like home. The dad was Spanish and mom Polish, so totally I was feeling comfortable like a member of the family.

Also, I miss them every time, and I hope that we will see each other soon! I really enjoyed spending time with them. Even in my free weekends, I usually did something with them, like family/friends or neighbour parties, common walks, going out to the restaurant (especially sushi was soooo gorgeous) sightseeing Valencia together or just stay in the pool next to our house, and take a sun. Also, I had an opportunity to use a car, so I used to go to the Malvarrosa beach often.

There I gained an amazing friend Natalia, who became an Au Pair in my family when I had to go back to Poland. We spent my last two weeks there together. Also, she was my homemate, therapist, and best friend in one time, so I was very happy that I had the opportunity to meet and live with her.

I didn’t go to the language school, because my summer Au Pair programme was too short, but next time I will really think about that possibility, but thankful that journey I gained a big motivation to learn Spanish by myself like never, so I decided to study that language in Poland.

My advice for others Au Pair?


So don’t waste a time and overthink, just try and I promise you- you will not regret it for sure. Even if you are scared, try to jump from that cliff. You can always come back, but I’m sure that you will want to stay longer. I know myself I am afraid of everything, but sometimes it’s a good way to leave everything, and discover yourself, become responsible and start to decide about your own life.

You will have AMAZING memories from AMAZING places with AMAZING people.

Be yourself, nobody will live a life for you.

I hope that my story will be helpful for others new Aupair. You can always write to me on instagram: Krezeleczka, and have my support in everything.

Also I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for Kidowe agency for everything! I hope that next time, You will help me again with creating my own way, and find a perfect Host Family for me.

Besoooos Para Todo <3

Julia – Polonia – Abril 2021

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