My American dream as an Au Pair in Boston

Hello, my name is Angela, I am 22 years old and I am from Granada.

For me, living in the United States was always my dream, I wanted to see what life was like there, the people, the culture, the cities, … what I always saw in the movies.

When I finished high school I decided to study what I like to do the most, what I feel most comfortable doing in my day to day life, which is to be with children. While I was studying to be a teacher at the University of Granada I combined my studies by giving revision classes to children, also as a babysitter and I even did some summer camps as a monitor.

When I finished my degree I needed a change of scenery and I decided to go as an Au Pair to the United States, I prepared my application with KIDOWE and I threw myself into a new life, an adventure. I didn’t care about the destination, the important thing was to set foot in the USA.

When I arrived in Boston, everything was “gigantic”, the streets, the houses, many places of entertainment and restaurants, there was everything. The hardest part was the first few weeks, I was more or less fluent in English, but I still had a lot to learn. You have to get used to the routines of the house, the children (in my case 2, a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy), the extracurricular activities, driving there, the timetables, the food, the climate, … everything was different but my dream came true. Soon after I started to make friends, I joined a swimming pool near my house and went twice a week, I also enrolled in a child psychology course (which is paid for by the family) and it was very good for me to learn more and also to make new friends.

In the family holidays they took me with them (all paid hehe) and the truth is that it is a pleasure.

Being an Au Pair in the USA has many good things… some bad things… or rather more difficult… because of the cultural and language barrier. That’s why it’s very very important to be open-minded, flexible and to go with the idea of adapting to everything that comes your way and to be very positive. Sometimes the distance can play tricks on you because you get homesick and you feel down, but you have to have a positive attitude and think that you are there for a while and not for the rest of your life. Also think that you have everything, house, food, friends, a family… the best thing is to get involved in the family’s life, to be part of them so that you always feel accompanied.

Boston and my American family have given me a lot, and I will never forget it, it has been a very good personal experience and today I value it very much.

To all of you who want to embark on this adventure I can only say, if it’s your dream, DO IT, you only get this opportunity once in a lifetime, just be open-minded and eager to enjoy yourself.

Angela – Boston (USA) – September 22nd