Family language immersion

This is the most requested programme in recent years. The family programme is designed for all types of families, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews.

It is an ideal programme for those who wish to spend time together and combine an English course with a wonderful holiday in Ireland. We are proud that many families return to us year after year and tell their friends about us.

This programme includes:

While the older children receive their classes in an academy, the younger ones do too, but at a different pace.

Our youngest students learn English through a variety of fun-filled, child-centred activities under the expert supervision of fully qualified staff. Activities include songs, board games, crafts and drama. Full language immersion based on fun and entertainment.

This programme can also include accommodation and afternoon activities, see all options.

A holiday with a difference

This programme is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to combine a family holiday with an English course.

¡Take the opportunity for a holiday in Ireland!

The perfect programme: Enjoy the experience of being on holiday learning English with your family

Cultural immersion in the home of a host family

Adjusted to your needs

Classes with highly qualified staff

Suitable for all types of families


Frequently asked questions

A wonderful few weeks.

Last year we went to Ireland and did the Family language immersion. It was a Brutal experience for the whole family. We really liked the location in Wexford, it is close to the sea and has a beautiful harbour. The school was very professional and I thought the classes would be less intense, the teachers are used to this type of course and were very helpful at all times.

The morning classes were fun and instructive, so that we could all feel involved, it’s a pity we didn’t stay longer, you can make a lot of progress.

The afternoon activities are interesting: you can see more of the area and learn about Irish culture.

The food is delicious, healthy and plentiful. Many of the vegetables come from nearby gardens.

We chose to stay with an Irish family and it was amazing. We were welcomed as if we were their own family and they helped us throughout our stay, even though their dog didn’t like our presence very much.

We got to know part of the emerald isle and we had time to enjoy and meet a lot of people, in Ireland, people are very friendly and smiling so it was very easy for us to communicate and ask any question.

We are sure that we will repeat this adventure as a family.

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