Validation Process

Contact us

We start with the registration of both parties on the web through the Contact Form. Once we receive this information, we will ask them via email to complete the Registration Form to know their preferences and needs, and we will call them personally to have more details.

We will also receive all the Au Pairs databases through our European Affiliated Agencies who are responsible for requesting all the information, checking their references and certificates.

During the registration process, the Families need to pay the amount set for the reservation. The Au Pairs do not have to make any outlay.

We look for the Au Pairs

Once we have registered the data of the Families and the Au Pairs we take care of analyzing both profiles in order to create perfect matches.

Just before meeting the Au Pairs, we ask the Family to write a Welcome Letter in which they should describe what they are like, the activities they usually do, the children’s favorite meals, the environment in which they live, if they live in the city center or in the outskirts, etc. Other important information in the letter should mention what is expected from the Au Pair, e.g. the number of working hours per week, the weekly pay and the type of housework. In addition they need to add photos of themselves, of the house and the surroundings. They can also do it in video format.

On the other hand, we ask the Au Pair to write a Letter of Introduction, , in which she describes what she is like, what her hobbies are, what experiences she has had with other children, why she wants to be an Au Pair and travel outside her country, etc. She will also have to add photos and/or videos.

Interview and make your decision

We will provide several candidate profiles for the Family to interview and decide which one suits them best. Interviews can be done via Skype or phone, we suggest doing them via Skype, but this is each Family’s choice.

We offer personalized follow-up to Families to see how the recruitment process is going, as well as advising on how the interviews should be directed.

Welcome the Au Pair

Once the Au Pair is selected, they need to fix the date of arrival at the house and to finalize the welcome details. The Family signs the agreement with us and the Au Pair confirms via email that she accepts the Host Family.

At this time the Family has to pay the corresponding amount discussed in the Agreement.

In the event that the Family cancels the service before signing the Agreement, they will not be entitled to a refund of the Reservation and they will not have to pay any additional amount. If the service is canceled up to 2 days after the signing of the Agreement, the Family must pay 50% of the total amount of the Agreement for management expenses. After the first two days, service cancellations will not be accepted.

What makes us unique

We personally study and validate each Au Pair profile, helping families in their choice, measuring specific skills.

We offer an exclusive validation process, by means of forms and psychometric tests, language level and exclusive Au Pair training.

Choose the validation process that best suits your needs to make the Au Pair experience as successful as possible.

We offer timetable planning of Spanish lessons for Au Pairs.

We ensure that every Au Pair who comes to Spain will enjoy a cultural exchange program by connecting her with the other Au Pairs in our Community.

We take care of monitoring Families and Au Pairs a few days after living together to make sure everything is fine for both parties.