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Ireland is the ideal country for those who wish to live an international experience with English language immersion. Culturally, Ireland is a country full of history and traditions.

Our students attend schools located in Wexford, the capital of County Wexford, the city with the most hours of sunshine on the island. It is situated in the south-eastern corner of Ireland. Wexford is a Viking town steeped in history with medieval streets, castles, the Irish National Heritage Park, the Wildfowl Nature Reserve, Cape Hook Lighthouse, stunning scenery and spectacular golden beaches.

Why choose Ireland with KIDOWE

Each student will be treated individually, with personalised monitoring and attention. We will take care of every stage of the process to ensure the best possible experience.

THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN IRELAND → Education in Ireland is renowned for its high level of internationalisation. The Irish school system is divided into three groups:

Recognition of studies carried out in Ireland

The education of our students is important to us, but it is also important that this education is recognised in Spain

Make the most of your school year in Ireland!

Country belonging to the European Union, which makes it easier to enter the country

Excellent educational tradition

Physical and cultural proximity

Irish people are very sociable, friendly and family oriented

Their English is characterised by a very rich vocabulary



The full school year is the immersion recommended by Kidowe, as in a single term the student will not have enough time to absorb the big change in learning, normally the first term is the hardest but the effort will help their personal and emotional maturity after passing this barrier is when the student begins to enjoy the experience more intensely and begins to live and understand as a native

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