TOP 6 easy and fun activities for children if you are an Au Pair

If this is your first time as an Au Pair, you will surely be interested in learning about fun and easy activities to do with the children. It is a way to connect with them and have a great relationship with them (something that parents will love!). To do so, take a look at the following activities that we propose.

Activities to do with children if you are an Au Pair

1- Butter cookies

Making cookies is a very fun plan to share with the kids. It is something that unites and a way to connect with them, because you will spend hours with them playing with flour and decorating cookies, and then eat them.

Since it is an activity where food comes into play, it is important that you consult with the parents. There are many families who are conscious of eating little or practically no sugar and prefer to avoid this type of activity. But they can also be done without sugar.

Remember to also ask if the children have any kind of lactose intolerance and nut allergies, to make sure there are no setbacks and everything goes smoothly.

If they give you the go-ahead, it’s a great plan to share with the kids. Besides, you’ll be teaching them something new that they might not know, and the hosts will love that.


2- Make a kite

Another activity as an Au Pair could be to create a kite and make it fly, it is another great activity that an au pair can do with the children. It’s a really fun plan and it’s really simple, because you just need to follow a tutorial and have the necessary ingredients at hand.

Our advice is that your Au Pair is in charge of making the more complex parts of the kite (such as the skeleton) and that the children do the simpler parts, such as decorating it with paint. Then, it will be ready to fly in the garden or in the park. The kids will love it.

3- Paint eggs and launch them

Crafts are the star product as an Au Pair since children love them so much. One of these great activities to share with them is to fill eggshells with colored paint. Then, they are exploded on a white surface and a picture is created.

It’s a fun and creative activity. First of all, you need eggshells and acrylic paint or tempera. You also need a white wall, so it is important to do it in the garden, so as not to stain anything inside the house.

This kind of activities in which you can stain a part of the house, it is always better to ask the parents. Most of them always see it with good eyes, but there is not always the possibility of doing them.


4- Origami figures

This is another of the most famous activities that we always recommend Au Pairs to do with their children. Although it may seem complex, on the Internet we have many videos that help us. Just follow the steps one by one.

You can start by making simple origami figures and increase the level of difficulty. For example, a house, a sword, an animal, etc.

Children like it very much and they will have a great time, especially because it is a quiet and perfect activity for those days when the weather is bad and you can’t go out.


5- Treasure hunt

Another game that we recommend to entertain the children when you are an Au Pair is to play a treasure hunt. This is something you can organize directly, hiding a treasure and guiding the kids through clues.

You can place clues throughout the house and garden, so that the children can find them and gradually reach the treasure. To surprise them, it can be a piñata or something tasty and fun.

Remember to always adapt the activity to the age of the children.


6- Play bowling

This activity can be done at home or you can go to a bowling alley. Our advice is to do it directly at home to spend more time with the kids and surprise the parents.

To do this, you simply need to create the bowling pins. You can do it with cans or plastic bottles, something the little ones can help you with.

Then, you simply place them like in a bowling alley and throw a small bottle at them to knock them down. Whoever knocks them all down the first time, wins! It is ideal for playing in the garden.


With these activities recommended for au pairs, the children will have a great time and they will surely get fond of you very quickly. Try them and if you want to share them on social networks, it will be great fun and you will fill your agenda with the children.