Do you want to be an Au Pair in 2022? Here we tell you everything you want to know

Being an Au Pair is a great opportunity to open doors to your professional and personal future, earn extra money and improve your language skills. If you would like to try the Au Pair experience in 2022, here are the requirements and recommendations.

Au Pair in 2022: everything you need to know

What are the requirements to become an Au Pair in 2022? Below we detail them one by one, so you can see if you meet them and thus be able to sign up and start this experience that will certainly change your life. They are the following:


To be an au pair, you must be between 17 and 30 years old. However, we recommend you check here the specific age requirements of each country, because they may vary.


Although many young people decide to become an Au Pair to improve their language skills, there are some minimum requirements to be able to successfully complete the program. After all, you will have to communicate with the family every day.

Generally, you need a good command of Language (or the official language of the host country). This is not usually a problem, because as we say, it is a program that is also designed to improve your language skills.

Is it necessary to present a certificate or diploma that accredits a certain level? Generally, no, although several programs do subsidize language courses. Let’s say that sometimes it is the requirements themselves that can lead you to one country or another.

Family status

One of the most important criteria to have access to the Au Pair program is not having children. In fact, all the programs indicate that your status is to be single to be able to go as an Au Pair.

If you are married or have children you are automatically ineligible for the program, so we always recommend doing it as soon as possible, as it can be a very enriching experience and is truly worthwhile.


At least a high school diploma or equivalent is required. Generally, since from that age is when we meet the requirement of being at least 18 years old and we can register as an Au Pair.

Experience with children

Another of the requirements to become an Au Pair is to have experience in childcare. In some cases it can be family care, demonstrable if you have worked before in camps, associations with children for example.

At this point, there are host families that may ask their future Au Pair for additional certificates or documents that prove your experience taking care of children. After all, since the Au Pair is going to take care of their children, they are looking for this kind of qualities.

But don’t worry, because if you don’t have experience but you love children and you know how to transmit it, you will have no problem. However, we do recommend that you have a bit of childcare experience, because it’s not easy at first and can be a bit stressful.


Be in good health (and don’t smoke!)

Although it is true that smoking is not included in the list of official criteria, you will have a better chance of finding a host family to be an Au Pair in 2022 if you are a non-smoker. There are many families that ask for it as a requirement and it is something that will allow you to score points.

Are there more requirements?

Although we have listed some of the essential ones, to register as an Au Pair we also recommend you have it clear. It is a very nice opportunity, but it will have you living abroad for a year, a real adventure!

On the other hand, it is also advisable to be in good health and it is required not to have a criminal record, since this type of profiles are automatically discarded as a criminal record certificate is required.

Regarding the visa, the Au Pair visa is required for countries outside the EU, such as Au Pair in the United States, Au Pair Australia (starting in February 2022) and the Au Pair program in China. But what about expenses? You need to have at least some specific requirements for each country.

Our advice is that you are eager to learn and, above all, willing to help. This is something that families value very much and this is how you will be able to enjoy the experience more.

Would you like to try the experience? In Kidowe we help you

In our Au Pair agency in Spain based in Ireland we will love to help you to live in first person this experience, because we know that it can change your life and we will help you in every step so you can make this experience unique.

  • Gain independence and self-confidence
  • Enjoy greater personal growth
  • Discover new cultures and countries
  • Improve your language skills
  • Expand your CV with a new experience

Do you have any doubts? Now that you know the requirements to work as an Au Pair, do not hesitate to consider it for this 2022.

Don’t let them tell you about it! Live your Au Pair experience!