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TOP 7+1 best Au Pair programs in Europe

TOP 7+1 best Au Pair programs in Europe

There are teenagers who, when they finish their studies, are not very clear about what they want to study or what they want to do in the future.

Well, many of them, or rather, many of them, since most of them are girls, decide to go as an Au Pair outside Ireland.

Going as an au pair consists of traveling to another country to take care of the children of a family, in exchange you live in their house, you get paid, you learn the language and much more. 

It is key to go to another country with a different language to yours to learn it, although it is obviously necessary to have a minimum to be able to communicate with the family.

The destinations are generally in Europe, but for the more demanding ones, you can also go even further away, Au Pair in USA, Au Pair in China…. Can you imagine?

The best option to organize a trip like this is to have a specialized agency as in our case. Kidowe is formed by professionals who work to provide Au Pair profiles to families validated and quality.

If you are interested in becoming an au pair in the near future, here are the TOP best programs in Europe to become an Au Pair.

TOP best programs in Europe to become an Au Pair if you are from Spain

When you make the decision to become an Au Pair, you doubt about which are the best countries to become an Au Pair, because it is an adventure that you have to enjoy to the fullest and get the best experience and benefit possible.

From KIDOWE we think that you should always give more importance to the families than to the destinations but having professionals to organize the trip is key. If you are planning to go as an Au Pair in Europe soon but you don’t know where, stay and read the next TOP best countries in Europe to be an Au Pair.

The best countries where you can travel as an au pair are the following.

Being an Au Pair in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the most demanded destination, despite the Brexit. It has a great diversity as it has almost 67 million inhabitants, although to date it is not possible to travel as an Au Pair in the UK. If you want to know how you can be an Au Pair in England contact us and we will gladly inform you of the requirements to be an Au Pair in the UK.


You will be able to enjoy all its traditions such as tea, or enjoy incredible landscapes and moments in its vibrant metropolises as well as in quiet and picturesque villages.

Of course, you will bring back with you a great knowledge of the language and its peculiar British way of understanding life.

Au Pair in Spain

Going as an Au Pair to Spain is a great opportunity to improve your Spanish, but also to discover exciting beaches, cities, and wonderful landscapes. The Spanish culture is amazing, and you will know the Spanish people who are very warm and friendly. The weather in Spain is another great thing you will enjoy.

You will be able to meet many interesting people, learn Spanish and immerse yourself in culture as exciting as it is ancient

Choosing the Au Pair program in Switzerland

Choosing the Au Pair program in Switzerland is one of the star programs, so it is key if your passion is languages, since in the country they speak three official languages: German, French and Italian.

It is also characterized as the best option if you want to stay for many months. The benefits offered by families in Switzerland are unbeatable. Remember to visit the natural surroundings of the country of the Alps and contemplate its beautiful green landscapes.

Being an Au Pair in the Netherlands

If you are passionate about family life, being an Au Pair in the Netherlands is your chance, for them the history and family life is very important, you can learn a really interesting culture. The official language is Dutch, but the use of English is also very high.

Choosing to be an Au Pair in Italy

Choosing to be an au pair in Italy is key if you want to live in one of the most friendly and touristic places in the world.

Remember that you will be able to visit all its iconic cities and enjoy its beloved gastronomy. You don’t need to know Italian perfectly but take advantage of your stay to learn.

Au Pair in France

France, is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with a multitude of must-see cities. It also has a unique culture, not to mention its gastronomy. If your language is French (the third most spoken language in the world) do not hesitate for a second to go as an Au Pair in France.

Another interesting destination to be an Au Pair: Belgium

Another interesting destination to be an Au Pair is Belgium, due to its excellent program and its location, since it is in the center of Europe.

It is a country as small as it is welcoming, its medieval aesthetics make it charming, and its main cities are too incredible. It has three official languages, French, Dutch and German.

Au Pair in Germany

Going as an Au Pair to Germany is a good option if you are looking for a multicultural environment and want to meet many people from different places. Besides, Berlin is the most popular destination for Spaniards. You don’t need to be an expert in German, but you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn.

All these destinations are not far from Spain, you will have the opportunity to get to know totally different cultures, the languages you can learn are mainly English, French and Italian, and you will meet many interesting people that you will remember forever.

If you have been convinced up to this point, read on because this will interest you!

Why is it easier to travel as an Au Pair in Europe?

To become an Au Pair abroad you have to meet some requirements that will depend on the country where you want to apply, but nothing complicated if you put your heart and effort into it, you will surely make it possible.

The requirements requested by the families to travel as an Au Pair in Europe are, in general, to have demonstrable experience in the care of children, high school diploma or equivalent, no criminal record and a driving license is a very interesting plus…

All of them are the minimum necessary papers to present if you go to Europe (with some difference depending on the country), but they are quickly accessible documents.

In case you want to leave the continent, you will need other documents for which you will need to apply for a VISA and among others, you will need to have a good medical insurance, but we will help you with all the paperwork.

Other aspects that are required to be able to go as an au pair in Europe are mainly to be between 18 and 30 years old (depending on the country this will vary), minimum stay of 3 months, as well as being in good health, not smoking and being flexible in relation to the location.

If you want to go to countries like the United States or China, you must be gone for at least one year, and the conditions are different than in Europe.

Cultural barriers

When we travel to another country, it is inevitable that cultural barriers will appear, whether due to language, customs, religion, ideas or symbols. To avoid any of these barriers, it is important to be properly informed before choosing a destination and, obviously, before traveling. Likewise, taking a look at the history and customs of the country will help you in the first few months.


Salaries and standard of living

Salaries are usually in line with the standard of living in that country, and the salary as an Au Pair is not going to be less.

Therefore, the salary will depend on the country, as I have just mentioned, but above all on the family you are staying with. Normally, the type of program determines a base salary and the families usually give more, or maybe some help such as public transportation vouchers, language classes, etc.

For example, in Italy or France, the salary is between 80 € and 120 € per week, however, in Switzerland or Belgium it is much higher.

It may not seem much, but considering that your adventure includes accommodation, full board, and that it is an experience of cultural and linguistic exchange, it is great, and it is not a normal job to earn money.

It looks like a great experience, doesn’t it? Once you have seen the TOP of the best countries in Europe to be an au pair if you are from Spain, keep looking for information, think about your goal and go for it!